Felting and vegetarian felting

You can learn to felt a piece of fur from a clipped sheep.

The method is to put maple fleece on the back and work warm soapy water down using a piece of curtain set and an old-fashioned wooden roller blind, into which you roll the fur.

Stay tuned here on the page to see when we hold a felting course smiley

You can also get a date of your choice for vegetarian felt / raw wool felting, where you e.g. can make felted shepherd rugs from Spælsau raw wool.

Call Geeke and arrange a date on tel. (+45) 6160 3477

Make a beautiful "Vegetarian fur"

Spælsau sheep have a soft, beautiful strong coat with long cover hairs, beautiful curls and shine.

The colors are different with beige, brown and black shades. The sheep are sheared once a year, and the fur is quite cohesive, and suitable for processing into what we at Lystbækgaard call "Vegetarian fur".

You can read more about the sheep on the page Spælsaufårene.

The procedure is as follows:

On a newly cut him, especially the back is stuck together.

First you put the ham on a table and peel dirt from the field and from the back of the sheep. Then inspect the hammer for any holes and weak spots that are sewn together with a wool thread.

Then place the hammam, upside down, on top of a "bamboo blind", with a large towel underneath.

Then put on a nice layer of maple, or a piece of needle felt, evenly distributed all over.

Then you put on a curtain set curtain. The whole thing is soaked with lukewarm soapy water and the fleece is pressed down into the ham.

Then you roll it tightly together (not the towel), and roll it approx. 400 times with vigorous movements, unpacking and turning the hamm 90 degrees, and checking that everything is in order.

Then you roll vigorously again 400 times, turn 90 degrees and continue so that you have rolled a total of 4 x 400 times.

You look for and can straighten, turn and put more water and soap on if necessary, and roll until you have a good firm felted bottom.

Then the ham is rinsed out in cold rainwater until the soap is gone, and hung to dry in the wind - and vupti… ..you have made a magnificent work of art ☺

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