Dogma knitting

You can knit with raw wool directly from a newly shorn Spælsausheep.

This is called dogma knitting.

Spælsau is an old Nordic sheep breed that has very long guard hairs. A lock can be 30 cmlong.

You can read more about Spælsau sheep on the webpage about sheep.

The wool does not need to be carded or spun. It thereby retains its ability to warm, protect and insulate against cold and moisture.

This means that the wool, besides being beautiful and natural, has a positive and very beneficial effect on joint and muscle pain.


The process is as follows:

The wool from the newly shorn sheep is washed in rainwater and then sun-dried.

You then begin to pull the wool out with your fingers and make a skein or ball.

As a beginner, you should choose to pull out to a medium thick thread, because it is the easiest to knit with.

As you become more experienced, you can choose to use a thinner thread and/or thick thread depending on what you want to knit.

You can make decorative, warm or healing wool products, such as wrist warmers, shoulder/hip warmers, hats, vests, pullovers, sweaters, leg warmers, and thick seat covers for your car or garden furniture.

How a course in dogma knitting takes place

Ingrid Kobberø explains how a course in dogma knitting takes place.

”I select a portion of suitable raw wool. The wool we work with on the course is free. If you would like to buy some to take home, then approximately 100 g costs 50 DKK. You can buy a larger amount. We can talk about that when you are here.”


Step-by-step dogma knitting:

“The wool is stretched out and gathered by hand so you can make into a ball or skein.


When you have enough to start knitting with, I suggest that we knit triangular shoulder warmers or a seat cover. To start with, we will not stretch the yarn too thin, because otherwise you will find it difficult to keep it together.


Start at the point and increase two stitches on both sides. It is easiest to garter stitch, but you can decide for yourself if you want to use other knitting techniques.


If you would like to knit wrist warmers thereafter, then you must stretch the wool out to a thinner thread because otherwise the wrist warmers will be too bulky.

Otherwise, there are no limits as to which patterns you can knit:

Wrist warmers, vests, hats, tunics, etc. You can see models at Lystbækgaard.

Here you can see videos about how Dogme knitting takes place:

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