Experience days
Experience days - community for children and adults. Stop time with crafts - nature - outdoor life - family - campfire food - self-sufficiency - yoga - campfire - hiking - sheep - hand shearing - stalls - the shepherd - cooperation - the sheepdog working with the flock of sheep
Experience days are wonderful experiences in nature, for the whole family.

In the spring of 2019 we had some beautiful hikes - you can read about them and see beautiful pictures below:
INVITATION to "Hiking as a dissemination" - three hikes in April 2019

We invite professional groups and individuals out on the moor and in the forest, on a hike where sensations and experiences become the basis for inspiration and idea development.
The pilot project "Hiking as communication" is aimed both at individuals who want to experience a narrative walk, and at several professional groups: teachers and educators, narrators and communicators, educators, preventers and others who work with socially disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

The walks are organized to reflect on what happens to us humans when we stay, move and work in wild nature far from cities and institutions, and what happens when nature experiences are conveyed with cultural expressions such as music, stories, crafts , visual art etc.
Reflections and conversations along the way, and short workshops included as "pockets" in the hike, must result in a catalog of ideas and activities that the individual can use in their daily work. Read more below.

"The most difficult step of the journey is that over the doorstep" (old saying)

In the spring of 2019, we will complete 3 long hikes with groups of 8 -12 participants.
We have received funding from the Cultural Laboratory's pool under Cultural Cooperation Mid - West and therefore we can offer participation in "Hiking as a dissemination" for a total of DKK 250 per participant.
The price is incl. catering throughout the hike and materials.
See practical details below. And finally contact Ingrid on 22 17 26 17 or ingrid@ingridhvass.dk if there are questions about the presentation.

The three hikes in April 2019 build on experiences from two hikes in the autumn of 2018.

                                                           Good hiking greetings from

                                                           Berit, Eva, Lise and Ingrid

                                                           Lystbækgård on 19.02.2019

Nature and Culture go hand in hand - storytelling as experience, inspiration and idea development

Lystbækgård and surrounding moors and forests



Dates for hikes: Wednesday the 24th, Saturday the 27th and Tuesday the 30th of April 2019

Times: 8.00 - approx. 18.00

Start and end: Lystbækgård, Lystbækvej 1, 6990 Ulfborg www.lystbaekgaard.dk

If you are a group that wants to walk together, e.g. a staff group or a professional group across institutions, you are welcome to book together. You just have to be fast!

Price: DKK 250 per participant

Participation fee covers all expenses for food along the way and materials.


Day course:

We meet in the parking lot at Lystbækgård at 8.00

The hike begins and we hike 8 - 10 km during the day - with many stops, time to rest and for various activities and stories.
We cook our food over a campfire.

Along the way, we will take breaks at fairy tales, and we will meet people who live on the moor or in the forest and who can tell important stories.
We have to work with different materials along the way, with exercises that sharpen attention and calm and with registering nature.

We end our walk in "The Yellow House" Lystbækhus Refugium, where we get a cup of dusk coffee, while we sum up the day and gather ideas and thoughts.
We prepare a single evening meal on the wood stove and eat together before we go home.


Practical clothes and footwear for all kinds of weather are a prerequisite for a good hike.

We send out program to the participants with more details.


Registration to: Ingrid Hvass at ingrid@ingridhvass.dk mobile: 22 17 26 17


Participating shepherds and artists: Berit Kiilerich, Lise Hovesen, Eva Hermann and Ingrid Hvass

See short biographies further down the page.

Below you can see mood pictures from "Hiking as a communication" autumn 2018

Above you can see a small film from our hikes in autumn 2018

Eva Hermann tells above about what you can experience on a hike (in Danish).

Hiking as a dissemination autumn 2018 and spring 2019 - description


Nature and Culture go hand in hand - storytelling as experience, inspiration and idea development

Lystbækgård and surrounding moors and forests


HIKING: Together we walk along old tracks, through the forest, over the heath and along the river. We follow old milky roads and school paths, we follow the tracks of the animals and set our own new tracks. And as we walk, we strengthen our ability for calm and presence and sharpen our attention to the nature we are in the middle of: the sheep, the birds and the insects around us, the tall trees of the forest, the heather, cranberries, gooseberries and the flowers peeking up.

     The shepherd and her dog know the tracks they show the way. Sometimes it goes slowly. The narrator links experiences and sensory impressions together in exciting stories - both old fairy tales and stories about people and places we pass by. And together we create completely new stories - about everything we experience on our hike.

     When we are tired, we rest in the grass and heather or under the tall trees, we light a fire and cook. Tastes on the heath: lamb and sheep, honey and bread, berries and herbs. We sing and dance and listen to music. We try the old crafts and make beautiful things with our hands - draw the landscape, knit with raw wool, cut wood, etc. Finally, we go to the old homestead Lystbækhus, where we get the heat by the wood stove in the kitchen and in the low-ceilinged living room and hear the story of two adventurous fates that once unfolded in the small yellow house in the middle of the moor.

Exciting collaboration between shepherds and artists.

The shepherd Berit Kiilerich, storyteller Ingrid Hvass, visual artist and shepherd Lise Hovesen and ceramicist and musician Eva Hermann are part of a collaboration to create unique experiences for children and adults on the heath and in the plantations around Lystbækgård and Lystbækhus.
All four have experience of working as artists in nature and of involving children and adults in hiking, crafts, stories and exercises to sharpen presence and attention.

Concrete experiences as a basis for development.

We invite individuals and different professional groups out on the moor and in the forest, on a hike where sensations and experiences become the basis for inspiration and idea development.
Based on the concrete experience, we will together develop new methods and tools for meaningful stays and activities in nature.
Ideas and methods that the individual can use in their daily work, but also concepts for collaboration with artists and culture bearers as initiators and inspirers.
We want to create a platform where methods and activities that unite nature and culture can be developed over time and not just as individual projects and experiences.

Have we involuntarily become people who are always inside?

Many people, children as well as adults, experience nature and culture through the media - do not smell, hear, see, taste or feel the living nature - and in everyday life have few opportunities to express what they sense and experience through art and culture. And it is difficult for teachers, educators and other professional groups to break the daily pressure and scheduled work to move out into nature with children or users.


The purpose of "Hiking as communication" is first and foremost to give the participants the opportunity to sense nature and experience the community during a longer hike on the moor and in the forest, where cultural experiences along the way link sensory impressions and experiences together.
The walk becomes the story of what we did and experienced together - a meaningful and meaningful expression that everyone is a part of and participates in.


"Hiking as communication" is also an opportunity for dialogue and idea development together with equals.


Supported by: Kulturlaboratoriets Projektpulje / Kultursamarbejdet Midt og vest, Holstebro Municipality and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

Presentation of artists and shepherds:

Berit Kiilerich is a trained shepherd in England and has run the farm Lystbækgaard between Ulfborg and Torsted since 1999.
Berit's daily workplace is the West Jutland nature, where she brings poetry forward by putting grazing sheep into the landscape.
The landscape comes alive. The animals are a constant resource both in the form of creative thoughts, wonderful experiences and products. The animals help to connect people, art and knowledge.
Lystbækgård is a visitor farm with sheep, wool and creative crafts.

Read more about Berit Killerich here

Lise Hovesen, 1985, is an artist, facilitator & shepherd,

co-founder of STANDART THINKING 2012


From 2016 I have trained and worked as a Wandering Shepherd at Lystbækgaard and with the establishment of Lystbækhus REFUGIUM, Ulfborg, a retreat and residency center for artists and for young people who want to learn to live in the country. Project manager of Nord + Nordic Rural Skills Network 2018.
I am also in training as a Systemic Constellations facilitator - a therapeutic and problem-solving practice that involves the Art of Hosting and supports individuals. I am interested in helping young people to connect with nature and with themselves.



2017 Practice, Patience, Presence. Pop-Up performance. Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, DK 2017 Story by NIGHT IN THE FOREST! Holstebro Festuge "The Wild West",

DK 2016 Artist in Residence, Lystbækgaard, Ulfborg, DK 2016 Organizer, LOVE AND HARDWORK Summer Symposium, Kirsten Kjær’s Museum, DK 2016 Move, Touch, Taste. Interactive sensory performance, V&A. UK 2015 Artist in Residence, Kirsten Kjær’s Museum, DK 2015



2014 Permaculture Design Diploma, UK

2011-2013 Royal College of Art, London UK, MA Communication Art & Design

2009-2010 Prince's Drawing School, London UK, Postgraduate Diploma

2005-2008 Falmouth University College, Cornwall UK, BA Hons Fine Art, First Class Honors Fenton Arts Trust Bursary. Erasmus Scholarship to Academy of Fine Arts Katowitz, Poland, Winter 2007

Eva Hermann, potter, draftsman, flutist and botanist.

Potter in France 1980 -1998, has since lived and worked in an inherited old dune farm in Husby.



Clay soil, fire and elements - this is nature from the dawn of time. The basis of a millennial craft.

But what the heart is full of, the hands run over with. If you think that the small fine revling and heather plants out there in the dunes and on the heath are some of the most beautiful you can see, then it is clear that they come with the ceramics. Year after year, every time an attempt to get their souls involved. Not as a cliché, but as an individual portrait of just that plant, and swarmed by just that little insect that is attracted and creates sweet winds with its wings. You will never finish - and the joy when you succeed is huge!

The disappointment when the contents of the oven do not live up to expectations is also great, but it helps to keep one humble. Remember to pray a prayer when you start the oven! Otherwise: again!

Every thing has to tell a story - one from the outside, where we like to hike.



Meeting some friends and playing music is some of the best I know. I'm alone in my workshop, and often in nature, and that's nice. But playing music with others is wonderful when we can make it sound. Probably the best with old folk music, it fits the landscape out here. Here is never melancholy when the wind blows and plays with mare straw and waves. Then trees and bushes dance and the birds sail away under white clouds.

Ingrid Hvass is a storyteller. Cand.mag. in Danish and Theater Studies from the University of Copenhagen in 1988. 


After graduating, Ingrid traveled back to Holstebro to work with dissemination and research at the Folk Music House in Hogager. In 1990 - 1991 she was the leader of the project "Music from the Roots" in Kulturhuset, Holstebro, a music project with local refugees, immigrants and Danes. This was followed by a period of teaching, first as a drama and Danish teacher at a day high school in Lemvig, 1991 - 1993, and at Holstebro Pædagogseminarium, 1993 - 1998.


In 1998, a collaboration began with Teatret OM, where Ingrid was a narrator and actress for 4 years. In 2003, Ingrid decided to devote herself to oral storytelling and became a full-time storyteller, founded Vestjysk Fortælle Teater and was, among other things, artistic director of the storytelling festival Vestjyske Fortællespor at Nørre Vosborg from 2006 to 2012. In 2011 - 2016, Ingrid was artistic director of the Tell Gallery in Holstebro, an intimate cultural place and meeting place for visual and narrative art in the middle of Holstebro. Ingrid was part of the Nordic Theater Laboratory 2014 - 2016.

Since 1989, Ingrid has been constantly involved in small and large cultural and art projects in West Jutland. Ingrid often works cross-artistically and site-specifically and has developed exciting projects with stories in nature, e.g. Narrative Picnics and Narrative Walks.

From July 2015, Ingrid has together with Else Mathiassen, West Jutland University College developed the Tell Academy, which begins in September 2018.

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