Border Collie – The world’s best shepherd dog

At Lystbækgaardthe shepherd uses exclusively Border Collies.

This dog breed has for generations been bred to shepherd sheep or cattle in cooperation with a shepherd.

The Border Collie is born with this ability as an instinct, but in order to take advantage of it with shepherding as a task, the shepherd needs to refine and develop the dog’s instinct.

Border Collies are very intelligent which enables the shepherd to develop a sign language with the dog. The sign language can be used in the shepherding task or other work.

Shepherding is a very old method for gathering flocks of sheep or herds of cattle.

With the shepherd on one side of the flock of sheep and the Border Collieon the other side, the dog and shepherd herd the sheep in the desired direction in unison.Escapees from the flock are, upon the order of the shepherd, immediately fetched back to the flock by the high-speed Border Collie, and the shepherding can take place calmly and safely without outbreaks of panic among the sheep.

The Border Collie cannot really be designated a calm dog that loves its basket. However, it is filled with energy and eagerness to work. It loves to be given a task. If it is not given any,it may easily figure something out on its own – and perhaps not something desirable. If you have a Border Colliewithout being able to give it shepherding tasks, then you must find other tasks for it to solve, such as dog agility.

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